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    Our Vacancy Listings


    323.APARTMENTS available vacant units can be found in major rental listing websites. However, vacant unit listings are not publicly published on our own website for the following reasons:

    • To prevent theft of listings from the website for subsequent fraudulent republication in poorly-monitored advertising sites such as Craigslist. This strategy reduces prospective tenant exposure to fraud.
    • To prevent competitors and fraudsters from pricing their listings based on our whole portfolio instead of an individually listed available unit. This strategy combats the harmful conduct of listing websites which send instant alerts about price changes, causing undesired short-term price volatility in the local housing market.
    • To avoid extra administration related to wait-list or reservation deposits. This strategy helps maintain lower overhead costs which can be passed to loyal residents in the form of lower rent increases.
    • To avoid adhering to strict construction deadlines in order to complete [prep for] vacant units. This strategy relieves construction crews and subcontractors from undue stress so they concentrate on doing better quality work [thus increasing resident retention] instead of worrying about delivering vacancies [and performing poor quality work].
    • To avoid misunderstandings related to delivery schedule of soon-to-be prepared apartments and other move-in status related issues. This strategy reduces disagreements and expectations related to transfer of possession when new residents move into their new homes.